Annihilation Bangladeshi game || New Battle Game 2022

How are you all friends I hope you are well? And even if it is not good, it will be good to hear the news that we have brought for you today. The main topic of my today’s topic is Annihilation Bangladeshi Game, released some days ago. So, let’s start with today’s content.

Some words about Annihilation Bangladeshi game

Friends, you all know that Annihilation Game is a Bangladeshi first online battle royal game. This game is going to be an online game like PUBG and Free Fire. It shows all the places in Bangladesh like the hanging bridge of Rangamati, some parts of Dhaka city etc. are given in the map of this game.

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What will be the match of Annihilation Bangladeshi game?

Now I will tell you how many players will get down to the classic match of this game? Yes, friends, in this game 60 players will come down on one map. And we play 4 vs 4 in class squad match like free fire and here it is going to be 5 vs 5. Then friends think how epic the game is going to be.

How to install Annihilation game?

So, friends, to download this game, you will go directly to the Play Store, then search by typing annihilation mobile. Then you will see a game. Download it.

Can this game be played on 1 GB mobile?

Yes guys, it’s not a fault if I say it can be played. Now that this version has been released, it can’t be played. Annihilation developers will upload another game called Annihilation Light to the Play Store. Then we can also play this game on a 1 GB RAM phone. Then when the download is finished then open yours. After opening, a notification will appear saying “Error Update”. Yes, friends this game has just been released. Now developers will update this game like Free Fire updates every month. We hope to receive this update in a day or two. And if it’s a little late, we’ll get to the first week of January next year. But as much as possible, the developers will give this update in two to one days. Or give today. I’m not sure about that.

How’s the graphics of Annihilation Bangladeshi game?

Yes friends, what about the graphics of this game? As a Bangladeshi game, this game and graphics are very good. See, friends, no game comes out well at first. If we look at the free fire, you all know what it was like in 2017. Three years later it was a revolution. So, it shows that if we give a little support to our Bangladeshi developer, then it can also go a long way.

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