DLS Players Rating 2022-Liverpool Player rating in DLS 2022

Liverpool Player rating- DLS Players Rating 2022

Hey, guys today we will discuss the DLS players rating 2022. We will share the dream league soccer players’ rating according to the real team. In this article, we will share Liverpool player rating and their list. Let’s see.

What is DLS 2022?

DLS is an abbreviation of Dream league soccer 2022. Dream league soccer is one of the most popular football games of IOS and android. Recently, first touch games launched dls 2022 for mobile. With a new appearance and features, Dream League Soccer 2022 puts you right in the middle of the action! Create your perfect team from over 4,000 FIFProTM licensed players and play against the top soccer clubs in the world! Ascend through eight divisions while enjoying full 3D motion-captured player movements, immersive in-game commentary, team customizations, and more. Never before has such a lovely game been so enjoyable!

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The gameplay of DLS 2022  

First touch games are focused to develop their gameplay than before version. And they amazingly improved their gameplay in dream league soccer. The game includes an offline exhibition mode, as well as a career mode and an online option where players can play matches to win promotion to higher divisions and tiers in both modes. A local multiplayer feature is also available, allowing players to compete in 1v1 bouts over a LAN.

Some features of DLS 2022

  1. Uefa Champions League: 

In this edition of the game, you can compete against the best teams in the world in the Uefa Champions League, as well as other events.

2.Create your own player:-

This version of DLS 22 allows you to design your own custom player without difficulty.

3. New menu:-

In this version of Dream League Soccer 2022, a new beautiful menu has been included, making the game appear even better.

5. Full HD graphics:-

Full HD 4K graphics are added to this game. Set your graphics as you like.

6. New player card background:-

Brand new player card added, now this game looks very cool and amazing.

Liverpool players rating- DLS players rating 2022

Actually many people search about the DLS players rating 2022 but there is no player database like PES 2021 so so we are here to help you guys let’s say some player reading and their favorite position of Liverpool Club.

1.   Name: Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly

Short name:  Mo Salah

Nation:  Egyptian

Position: RWF

Age: 29

Strong foot: LEFT

Rating: 85
2. Name: Sadio Mané

Short name:  Sadio Mané

Nation:  Senegal

Position: LWF

Age: 29

Strong foot: Right

Rating: 84
3.  Name: Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira

Short name:  Roberto Firmino

Nation:  Brazil

Position: CF

Age: 30

Strong foot: Right

Rating: 80
4. Name: Thiago Alcântara do Nasciment

Short name: Thiago Alcântara

Nation: Spain

Position: CMF

Age: 30 Strong

foot: Right

Rating: 81
5. Name: Fábio Henrique Tavares

Short name: Fabinho

Nation: Brazil

Position: DMF

Age: 28 Strong

foot: Right

Rating: 80
6. Name: Jordan Henderson

Short name: Henderson

Nation: England

Position: CMF

Age: 31

Strong foot: Right

Rating: 77
7. Name: Alisson Ramses Becker

Short name: Alisson

Nation: Brazil

Position: GK

Age: 29

Strong foot: Right

Rating: 85
8. Name: Virgil van Dijk

Short name: van Dijk

Nation: Netherlands

Position: CB Age: 30

Strong foot: Right

Rating: 83
9. Name: Trent John Alexander-Arnold

Short name: Alexander-Arnold

Nation: England

Position: RB

Age: 23

Strong foot: Right

Rating: 81
10. Name: Andrew Henry Robertson

Short name: Robertson

Nation: Scotland

Position: LB

Age: 27

Strong foot: Right

Rating: 81
11. Name: Ibrahima Konaté

Short name: Konaté

Nation: France

Position: CB

Age: 22

Strong foot: Right

Rating: 76

We only give here the rating of the top 11 of the squad. we will update this in the future .so if you want more rating details of other clubs you can comment here.

Stay with us guys.

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