How to Download/Install Efootball 2022 mobile

Download and install efootball 2022 mobile: Finally efootball 2022 mobile coming in the next month. after a long time konami finally announced the efootball 2022 mobile release date.Lets see all details about it.

efootball 2022 mobile release date

Very good news for us. The eFootball 2022 mobile update is coming on the 2nd of June. June 2 v1.1.0 update + live update will come. Therefore, there will be 3-4 days long maintenance from 29th of this month to 2nd of May.

What we have to do before efootball 2022 update

  • Don’t uninstall the game. Don’t forget about it. Only update the game when it will actually give updates from the Play Store. Because when the game is open after the update, the server is very busy. There is a problem of data transfer.
  • If there is no ID linked in someone’s game, then you can link (Konami ID + Google Play 2 ) and take 2 steps on. For those who can’t, you can read my other article

Update konami email in pes mobile

  • You need to receive all the items in the inbox. Nothing will be in the inbox after the update.
  • Efootball 2022 mobile is 90% a new game from 21. Starting from the graphics interface of the game, gameplay, matchdays, events, player signing will all be updated a new.
  • Those of you who are patch users will be able to update with patch. No patch 22 of 21 will actually work anymore. Whether it will be possible to make a patch at 22 will be known only after 22.
  • We will not get the much talked about Master League at the beginning of the update on mobile. We will have to wait for some time for this.

Minimum requirements for efootball 2022 mobile

These are the minimum requirements for playing efootball 2022 mobile. If you want to play efootball 2022 mobile, you need these. Apart from these, some devices may not support efootball 2022 mobile.

  • If you need to have a minimum of 7.0 android version , Otherwise you can’t play efootball 2022 mobile.
  • You can’t play efootball 2022 mobile below minimum 2 GB RAM. You will need a phone with 2 GB RAM to play efootball 2022 mobile. If you have less than 1 GB, you will not be able to play efootball 2022 mobile.
  • CPU quad core should be 1.5 GHz minimum or above. If it is below, efootball 2022 mobile will not be played.
  • IPhone users will need a minimum ios 6s. If it is less than efootball 2022 mobile will not play.

how to download and install efootball 2022 mobile

If you live in Bangledesh you can’t download from playstore directly. so , you need to follow some instruction below.

  • Enter the Play Store type Power VPN download
  • The app set the state of Japan
  • Enter Settings of your device and delete data from the Play Store
  • Then enter the Play Store with a new account and type efootball 2022 mobile
  • Then download and enjoy the game.

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