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What is up everyone? welcomes back to PES-HUB.com. So here is the new game which came into the limelight recently, as the Chinese developers gala sports released the trailer for the new game called Legendary Football apk (Total football mobile).

total football apk

What is Legendary Football (Total Football game) ?

Legendary Football apk is the first esports game developed by GALA Sports in-house development company. It comes with real licensing from FIFPRO and a number of major clubs. It has great graphics and smooth gameplay. Legendary Football apk is a game that has been played for 5 years and is still in development. The goal to make it is 8 years since the founding of our company ‘Gala Sports’ and it is a gift from us for those who have supported us from the beginning.

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Some features Of Legendary Football apk game

Total Football will be having new speed motion engines for the in-game player motions, and also high definition graphics with 120 FPS gameplay. You can also play PvP matches at ultra-low latency. Total Football is also built on cutting-edge algorithms and a lightning-fast motion engine, resulting in fluid gameplay and HD (high-definition) quality in a 120 FPS mode.

★Re-engraved classics, not satisfied with online battle

★ The classic battle mode of PVP/PVE supports the real reproduction of leagues and cups, and at the same time innovates the player development system, and interprets competitive football games with more diverse gameplay.

Legendary Football mobile graphics

This game is looking very interesting as you can see the graphics and the features on the screen. This trailer was released today, and the game seems to be heavily focused on graphics, as the game has some fifth pro license, as it is very much evident from the original player’s name being used in the game.

Legendary Football apk released date

Only all the developers haven’t given much information on their website, but looking at the gameplay in the progress, it seems like the game should be available in a few months. Gala sports didn’t tell the exact date for releasing the total football apk. But they gave some hits in their social media account they said they were looking forward to having this game in 2022. They also said that The first beta test could be official in March or April.

So I am guessing a date of releasing the total football apk. The released date is 20th may 2022

How to download total football apk and install?

“Legendary Football apl” is the one self-developed e-sports football game by Gala Sports. It is authorized by FIFPRO and many giant clubs. Based on neural network AI algorithm and motion matching engine, it provides smooth operation and high-definition games. Picture quality -120fps mode.

The developer of the game said that they will release the beta version 1st. So if you want to play this game you have to pre-register for it. If you want to pre-register for the beta version, you can go through the link given in below.

Enter the Play Store type Power VPN download the app set the state of Mexico to enter Settings and delete data from the Play Store then enter the Play Store with a new account and type Legendary Soccer and enjoy.

Total football apk : DOWNLOAD NOW

Total football obb: DOWNLOAD NOW

Club licenses For Legendary Football soccer game

So as of the latest event, the game has partnered with Borussia DortmundThey also have licenses with Barcelona. Hopefully, we may see a little more licensing in the game, unlike champions of the field which was released last year, but couldn’t really grip the audience tight. Although all eyes are focused on Legendary Football, which is scheduled to be released in 2022.

How to Pre-register for Legendary Football?

By registering via this link: https://taptap.com/app/225233 you can know exactly when the game comes out. Discord servers and Whatsapp groups are being created to keep you up to date with the game.

Hope you enjoy the article about the Legendary Football mobile game, the new soccer game that is set to revolutionize the sport. Developed by a team of experts with over 5 years of experience in the industry, this game is sure to excite fans around the world. We’ll be bringing you all the latest news and updates on Total Football, so be sure to follow us on Instagram or visit our website for more information. Thanks for joining us!

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