Top 10 Best new game for Android & IOS April 2022

Top 10 Best new game for Android & IOS April 2022 list: Hey gamers, so I know you love gaming but don’t you hate scrounging through the app in Play Store trying to find some new fun games. Well stress no longer because PES-HUB is here to save the day, or should I say the month pay what’s up guys, this is Sam back again with a Top 10 Best new game for Android & IOS April 2022. We went ahead and did all the searching for you so you can just relax and dive into these new titles for the month of April.

Top 10 Best new game for Android & IOS April 2022 list

10.Bishojo Battlefield Android

This one’s a multiplayer action game that gives you the chance to enjoy tons of different game modes all in one game that includes huge pitch battles, cooperative modes, competitive modes, and much much more. Every time you start a new game, you’ll be assigned a random character and you’ll start playing directly in a random setting. The game also features ancient and modern confrontation where you can experience the peak of cold and hot weapons. Now I gotta say it is a decent game but it could use some improvement which is why it’s at Number 10

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9.Pipe Head Story

As you can probably tell from the name this is in the horror genre. It is a 3d action game with first person perspective. In the game you have to clear your location and monsters, collect items and abandoned houses and watch ads. Yeah, that’s the downside. The game does offer interesting and scary stories about the pipe headed monster that you’re sure to encounter in the exclusive zone. If we’re talking about the visuals, the atmosphere is dark and the graphics are decent. Overall, it’s a pretty good horror game with good storyline and features scary jumpscares plots the controls are good.

8.Fishing Planet

If you’re a simulation lover, then this game is a must try. It’s unique and highly realistic online first person multiplayer fishing simulator game where you slip into some fishermen’s boots and your job is to catch as many fish as you can. The game features a wide open world map where you can explore different areas and find the best bots for fishing. The game also features over 150 species of fish 17, scenic waterways and different types of fishing modes which makes the game more realistic. All in all, this is a great free PC board simulator game with some good gameplay.

7.Grand Vegas Mafia: Crime City

This one’s an open world game like mafia where you play as a mafia boss and your job is to eliminate all your enemies and bosses from the city so that you can rule the city with ease. The game features that’s awesome storyline with impressive cutscenes and dialogues which makes the gameplay even more interesting. The game also offers lots of weapons options, which you can use to find with police and other criminal gang groups to complete the missions. The graphics and environment of this game is very similar to Mafia game and in my opinion, it is a decent game but again, lots of ads.

6.Jade Dynasty New fantasy

This is a blank sheet of fantasy RPG that’s also free to roam mobile game based on the J dynasty. The game not only comes with advanced technology that presents the classic 18 areas, but it is also expanded the world in which it is built. Players can ride a sword and fly into the sky or down to the ocean. Wherever the players go in this game, they are bound to find something new and interesting. The game also involves a lot of elements terrains, and a brand new turn based combat system, which means that every step that player takes can make a difference.

5.Disney mirrorverse

A visually stunning new action RPG game that sat in an all new divergent Disney universe where players assembled teams of amplified action ready 3d Disney and Pixar characters to battle against a dark force. In the game, you build teams of three guardians in the traditional Holy Trinity style to find legions of baddies and protect them near rivers from destruction. So far, the game already has nearly 50 playable characters, and each one is better than the one you saw before. All in all, this is an exciting RPG reimagining of our favorite Disney characters, but unfortunately, it’s kind of a lousy mobile game.

4.Aerial knights never yield

This one’s a 3d Stylish indie side scroller that plays much like a classic endless runner. The game actually has a pretty interesting story that keeps players always in motion, you got to run jump, slide or dash for acrobatic variants leading to dope combinations and avoid the challenges that await the game’s visuals are very nice and simple, and it has a really nice and catchy soundtrack. Overall, this one’s a pretty cool runner that has some dope visual design and slick environmental storytelling.

3.Cut off line online

In our Top 10 Best new game for Android & IOS April 2022 list , This is an awesome arcade driving racing simulator with cool graphics, the player can build a career as a racer involved in an underground race through the city streets on a fast car. In the process of completing the career mode, you’ll be able to test more than two dozen machines. Every car undergoes all kinds of styling and appearance tuning systems. In addition, the game offers different weather conditions day and night system, online competition and so on. Overall, I thought this one was a good racing game that offers great graphics and good controls.

2.Battlefield mobile

EA has released battlefield mobile on Android through Google Playstore. So those of you who had previously pre registered for alpha testing this game may be able to download and play and now talking about the game I think this game is super in gameplay mechanics but the biggest con of the game is its graphics as it looks pretty outdated. On the other hand, if we compare it to Call of Duty or pub G new states then battlefield mobile has nothing in front of these games. Overall, this is a game in alpha test so maybe slash hopefully they’re going to improve it more.

1.T3 Arena

In our Top 10 Best new game for Android & IOS April 2022 list , This is an amazing fast person shooting game where you’ll join a team of three players and go head to head against another team in each battle. So far T three arena looks to be quite similar to the head game Over watch. The game includes a total of six modes including Team Deathmatch, Crystal assault and more. Players will be able to select a character from a bunch of heroes. Although it is a team shooter T three arena possesses lovely bright graphics and visuals and bold modern anime. All in all T three arena has addictive gameplay and thrilling multiplayer battles, which is why it came in at number one. That’s all for today guys, the Top 10 Best new game for Android & IOS April 2022

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