Top 10 Best Open World Games for Android 2022

Top 10 Best Open World Games: Open world games have been dominating consoles and PCs for years and years and years. But now they’re slowly taking over the entire mobile gaming genre as well. 2022 promises to be a pretty crazy year for a new open world games offering more freedom to explore. So today down in PES_HUB is going to be counting down the top 10 best new open world games 2022 for android 2022.

Top 10 Best Open World Games list:

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10. Teetiny:

In our Top 10 Best Open World Games list, we keep this game at 10th position. lets see why we kept here. An open world MMO RPG where from the first second you will meet dozens of players starting their first mission, there are some missions that you have to do with others. T Tiny Online is different for having outstanding graphics that remind us of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. In the game, players must travel through space and find monster-filled dungeons. It has a day and night cycle with a weather system for an immersion experience You will start the game by customizing the look of your character. Overall, this is a fun game where you can meet and befriend other players.

9. Driving Zone: Russia

This is a spectacular Open World Dynamic Racing project where you can compete with other participants online and explore unique locations in a vast virtual world. Although the game is inspired by GTA Five and in it you will find a lot of things taken from GTA Five such as racing tracks and maps. Also, the game has a single player campaign mode where you can meet new cars and go through the storyline. Although the game is still in development, it has good graphics and realistic physics and convenient controls.

8. Lego star wars castaways

This is an open world adventure game exclusively for Apple Arcade. It combines Star Wars stuff with Lego but with a new story. You can create and customize your character from scratch and play single player games, but you can try online multiplayer. The first thing you’ll notice about the LEGO Star Wars castaways is the graphics-like console. Game Loft has done a great job in creating a fantastic blocky world. All in all it is a fun, fun and charming adventure game.

7. Squirrel Simulator 2

In our Top 10 Best Open World Games list, we keep this game at 7th position. lets see why we kept here. If you like open world adventure games and squirrel simulator two may be the right choice for you. The game has a huge open world where you can roam for free sitting in a forest ruled by different animal kingdoms and your main task is to collect acorns, mushrooms and berries. You can climb trees and even slide from tree to tree. You’ll live in a clever rat skin where you’ll have to go through many exciting adventures, including online battles against other real players at the Royal Arena.

6. Fugl

This is an open world meditation game about a bird flying, you can change the look of your bird, you can change the look of your bird but there is no goal, no score. It’s just a bunch of some wildlife and beautiful landscapes for you. It sounds very simple and comfortable but you need to avoid projectiles and other flying creatures that are coming towards you. If you fly near an animal, you will be transformed into an animal. In addition, I think the graphics look amazing. All of the 10 plus biomes look great and look great with wildlife. Overall, this is a great exploration game that is only available in beta mode till now.


This is an open world adventure game where you play the luxury brand mascot, Louis Battan who embarks on an exciting journey around the world to see the world of six unique fairy tales. While traveling you will need to collect 200 collectible candles, explore dream scenes and avoid obstacles. As you travel, you will have the opportunity to acquire unique skills that allow you to experience historical moments and immerse yourself in pure storytelling. I personally played this game and found it really comfortable.

4.Police sim 2022

In our Top 10 Best Open World Games list, we keep this game at 4th position. lets see why we kept here This is an open world driving simulator where you will become a real cop with the task of patrolling the streets. You can choose between completing searches or exploring the big cities without having to worry about anything Police provide eight different types of missions to the Sam 2022 players, such as escort chase spike strips on roadblocks and other missions. Also, the game has a wide selection of cars to choose from, from regular cars to external supercars and even hypercars. Oh, and anyway, the game also offers a multiplayer option. So overall, this is a great game with great graphics.

3.Marvel future Revolution

This is a Triple A Quality Open World MMO RPG that offers a true story that begins with the creation of the early world after countless multiverse versions. In the game, you play as an agent working for the newly formed Omega Flight Superhero Team to protect the early world from a dangerous threat. There are eight Marvel characters that you can choose from. Also, Marvel Future Revolution has a bunch of game modes for players to enjoy their Boss Rage 10, B10 matches and more. In terms of graphics it’s definitely a Triple A quality and that means it can make your phone sweat a bit so make sure you have a very powerful and powerful phone.

2.Gangster new york (Coming Soon)

This is an upcoming Open World game inspired by GTA Five and Watchdog Legion. The game is expected to be released later this year. However, gaming titles are primarily available on PC. But now it seems that the developers are on the verge of releasing these games on Android and iOS as well. Additionally, what we can say about the game’s graphics is that the game looks very GTA feeling. Overall, this is an amazing game that offers lots of missions that you can play with your friends. Next we have to calculate the avatar of a bonus game. He gathered around and got out of there and is now attacking. Remember your avatar, you know that movie with all those sequels that they have been working on for a million years? Well, I really like that movie. And I always wanted to test the world of avatars and play myself as an avatar. And while we’re still waiting for Avatar, your gaming dreams can come true here with Avatar Count. In the game you can play as an avatar character and explore the dynamic open world with your friends or go on a single mission wherever you want. The game is full of adventures where you can climb over walls, explore mysterious places and do lots of exploration. With it you can wield a variety of weapons and fight huge beasts, enemies and even a dragon. The game features a tough story with Katsin that is clearly based on the Avatar movie. Overall, this is a great game and hopefully it will launch soon.


In our Top 10 Best Open World Games list, we keep this game at first position. lets see why we kept here. It is a relatively new MMO on the scene that seeks to bring to market a unique looking PC and mobile game. The game is inspired by an ancient Chinese epic known as the Mountain and Sea Classic and has a vast world where players can build habitats, group animals and even play like birds. If that feathers your feathers. Your character is fully customizable. And as you progress you can manage accessories, weapons and abilities. Also open world map oh, this game is huge. I am talking about 865 km square map so you can hunt many monsters and complete many searches. Overall, this is an amazing game that I recommend to you.

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