Top 10 NEW Survival Games for Android & iOS in 2022 March- High Graphics

Survival Games have exploded in popularity over the past few years to the point that mobile stores are pretty much overflowing with them for good reason to their tons of fun to assist you my bewildered adventurers. This is back again with a list of the Top 10 NEW Survival Games for Android & iOS in 2022 March.

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Top 10 NEW Survival Games for Android & iOS in 2022 March

12. Love and survival

Starting off with number 12 Love and survival an upcoming sandbox survival game.  I know upcoming is such a depressing word because this game looks dope. Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the actual game. You take control of a family that’s drifted to an uninhabited island after the end of the world. The goal here is to survive and ensure the safety of the family but due to limited resources on the island, you must venture far afield to get enough to survive. This game features top-notch graphics and the environment is super relaxing. Also, I love the big bunny in the swimming mechanism. Oh no, it’s going to be a great game.

11. The Haven star

In our Top 10 NEW Survival Games for Android & iOS in 2022 March list, the Number 11 is The Haven star. This one’s one of the newer realistic survival games that sat in a post-apocalyptic world. The game features a large open-world environment that is infested with zombies. The core gameplay loop revolves around finding and fortifying strongholds where you have to explore the world to rescue survivors and collect various resources such as food and equipment, and of course, defend those bases against zombie attacks. The game also has cooperative multiplayer modes and unlike many other survival games on the market, the Haven star is not about killing the zombies, the player must actually try to avoid them scavenging and managing resources.

10. Lost Light

Coming in at number 10 Last Light is an action survival game boasting a surprisingly polished and complex gameplay experience. This shooter is based on three core gameplay elements survival, warfare, and progression, and promises a high-risk high return as players will have to plan out how they enter a map and scavenge for supplies. As for the progression portion of its gameplay mode that’s linked to the upgrading and trading systems. The game’s concept is almost similar to Escape from Tarkov the PC game, but all in all, it’s a great game with good graphics and controls.

9. Tomorrow

Tomorrow is probably one of the deepest zombie games on mobile. It’s set in a pretty big world where you wake up somehow still alive as a mutant approach is ready to eat your brain. So, as you can tell from that you’re going to play as a survivor of the apocalypse whose sole objective is to try and forge some kind of existence in this terrible New World. The tutorial will teach you the basics of survival which involves gathering resources crafting and avoiding or fighting the zombies. In terms of gameplay. It does play a lot like Ark but just without the dinosaurs. Tomorrow was very similar to Dark days. It’s very visually polished and features some solid touch controls and frankly I just really enjoy playing it. It’s a fun post-apocalyptic adventure game kinda like the last day on earth and Ark.

8. Let’s Survive – Survival game

Number eight, Let’s survive survival game as you could guess from the name, it’s a survival game similar to the last day on earth. This storyline takes place in the future when an unknown virus breaks out and civilization quickly disintegrates, only a handful of humans survive. And as one of those humans, your main goal is just to survive. Look for resources and items, craft various weapons, fortify your shelter and repealed zombies and boss attacks and monitor your house. In the game, you can build craft drive vehicles. Overall, it’s a decent game that doesn’t really offer anything unique, but it is offline.

7. Project EOE

Number seven, Project EOP. Now I know what you’re going to say by looking at this game. It is not a PC game. It is not a console game. The graphics make it look like that. But no, it is for mobile. Now that that’s the way let’s talk about the game. It’s a multiplayer online sandbox survival title where you join it, adventurer, on their survival journey through hostile territory. Throughout the different games, you play you’ll need to collect elements of your monsters and make contact with other characters. Overall, it is a great game but obviously, the main highlight is the console-quality graphics.

6. My time at Portia

Number six is my time at Portia. This one’s an indie farming, survival, and crafting open world game where you can move in collect wood, stone, and other items to build and survive. In that way. It’s kind of similar to the Story of Seasons and Animal Crossing. Previously this title was famous on PC but now fans can finally play it on mobile as well. And FYI, this game is an only single player there is no multiplayer option. But if you’re looking for a casual and relaxing farming survival sim, this might be right up your alley.

5. Project Arrival

Number five project arrival. It is a story-based survival game where aliens have come to the earth to destroy humanity. The whole game is based in the future and that’s why if you enjoy sci-fi environments, you’ll definitely love this game. It also has a bunch of futuristic weapons which will help you to find alien species. Now if we talk about the storyline in the game, I have to say it’s really amazing. It has great cutscenes and it feels like you’re playing a console game but it’s on your phone. Overall, it’s a good game and I’ll notify you when it’s released.

4. RAF survival Desert Nomad

 At number four RAF survival desert Nomad. This is a survival game that copies the whole concept of desert skies from graphics to gameplay mechanisms. If I’m wrong, then let me know in the comments, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. So, in the game, you have a raft that’s tied to a hot air balloon that flies over the desert, you need firewood to continue the flight. So, to collect wood you need to go to the ground where you can get your resources. But you can’t stay long because dangerous monsters live on the ground and they quickly attack you. Oh no, it’s a better version of the desert sky with great graphics.

3. Three project star

In our Top 10 NEW Survival Games for Android & iOS in 2022 March list, Number three is project star. This is an online multiplayer open-world survival and exploration game. The game offers a huge map with many galaxies and each galaxy possesses several planets to explore. From my point of view project stars is inspired by No Man’s Sky has the same concept as experiencing infinite freedom building exploring fighting and survival. In addition, the game is built by a group of gamers, not by a tech giant so I’m pretty sure they know what gamers want all in all it’s a great game that offers visually stunning graphics and good controls and has great potential but sadly right now the game is in beta test so it’s only available to limited regions.

2. Fading city

Fading city is also a great survival game in 2022. Check out the video for more information.


We kept this game in the Top 10 NEW Survival Games for Android & iOS in 2022 March list’s 1st position. I think this is one of the best survival games of 2022, which is why it’s number one. In it, you can explore a large open-world map that’s around 800 square kilometers and complete a lot of quests and hunt down gigantic creatures is kind of similar to a classic RPG game, but it also has elements of survival. In total, the game offers 18 races to choose from and the environment of the game is super realistic. You can easily feel different weather effects in the game. And there’s also just a lot of stuff you can do in the game like crafting building gathering rare resources, which will help you survive on top of that you can fight with creatures and make them your pets and honestly, I really love this game and highly recommend you to check it out at least once. So, there you have it gamers 12 best survival games of 2022 and if you didn’t find your favorite game in this post, then don’t forget to check out the first and second part of this series.

It’s been a pleasure as always, I keep you up to date on the best mobile games as they’re released.

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