Top 5 Games Under 100 Mb On Playstore

Today I will talk about the Top 5 Games Under 100 Mb On Playstore. All games are played by me. So I know what games are like. I am reviewing them in my own language. I hope you like it.

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Top 5 Games Under 100 Mb On Playstore

5) Game Name: Hell Rider 3
Game size: 93 Mb
Playstore Rating: 4.2 ★
Game Type: Racing/Arcade
Playing Mode: Offline

In our Top 5 Games Under 100 Mb On Playstore list, this game’s rank is 5. If you are a fan of 3D Racing then this game is for you. The graphics of the game can be said to be of aesthetic level. The game also has Story Mode. The Racing game that is small in size is rarely available.

4) Game Name: Death Pipe
Game size: 41 Mb
Playstore Rating: 4.6 ★
Game Type: Racing

Much like the previous game. But the levels here are a little difficult. If you like 3D games, you must try it once. Although small in size, the game is very nicely designed.

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3) Game Name: Fluffy Fall
Game size: 69 Mb
Playstore Rating:  4.6★
Game Type : Action/Arcade
Playing Mode: Offline

This game is so addictive that I can’t stop myself from the day I started playing this game. I feel a lot of thrill every time I go to play a game. Because this game is so good.
You need to protect yourself from various traps and fires while running. If you like 3D Running games, I would say you must try this game.

2) Game Name: Orbia Tap & Relax
Game size: 36 Mb
Playstore Rating: 4.5 ★
Game Type : Action/Arcade/Casual
Playing Mode: Offline

One of the best puzzle games in Playstore.This game has 50 lakh + downloads and 2 lakh ratings . You have to cross different levels by tapping. And if you want to enjoy this game well, there is no alternative to earphones. Very nice music and the design of the game is more beautiful.

1) Game Name: Flaming Core
Game size: 77 Mb
Playstore Rating: 4.3 ★
Game Type : Arcade/Action/Casual
Playing Mode: Offline

This game is one of the best games in the Play Store. The better your mobile, the more fun you will have in playing this game. The game is very simple. At the beginning of the game, you will be taken to a hacking world. All your friends have been hacked there. You now have to cross each level to save your peers. The game has 160 levels and a variety of Traps and Enemies. The game is very addictive. I like this game in every way. And to make the game feel good, you must use good earphones. Because the music of this game is of extraordinary quality.

I will end by saying one thing. Say goodbye to negativity. Making fun of others or belittling other people’s work or belittling other people’s work will not make you a hero or great. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The world of the internet is being filled with negativity. You may have joined the team yourself. Get out of it. Saying goodbye like now.Hope, we will see in the next post. Stay with PES-HUB.COM

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